SE Ontario Battle of the Bands Finals March 22, 2003

The stage was set for TCM to play in the 2003 SE Ontario Battle of the Bands finals. A bus had been rented for the night to take a load full screaming TCM fans to London. As the day progressed, the sky got darker and darker, and finally the gods let loose a furious storm. The news came through that the show was cancelled, but did that stop TCM and their fans. NEVER! Mike quickly tracked down the local bar, and booked a gig the same night. By 9:00, the bar was alive and packed with good friends listening to good music.

The SE Ontario Battle of the Bands finals was postponed till the following week and promised to be a night full great talent from across the province. TCM played second and felt the groove right from the get go. After the final band had played the judges tallied their scores and the coordinator came to the front to announce the winner. Drum roll please...and the winner is...This Crooked Mile. The news was more than what TCM had ever expected after a night of incredible bands. However, the news was short lived. One of the judges had miscalculated the score for one of the bands who in the end had surpassed TCM. No blame was placed on anyone since addition was not a prerequisite for judging. The night had its definite ups and downs, but TCM was happy to be the runner up.