Bryan and Allan head to the UK September 18, 2004

If you looked up Whipped in the dictionary, you might see pictures of Allan and Bryan. It was a quick tug on their collars and the boys have started packing for a year long trip to cold, wet and gloomy England. ;)

So to show that the band is not bitter, they are having a farewell show. Don't miss this last opportunity to experience TCM as you know and love them! The guys want to give you a last juicy taste of their sweet sounds before band renovations begin. The remaining members will rebuild and keep on bringin' you the music, but this historical farewell gig should not be missed.

The venue is Mr. Slate at 952 Kingston Rd. in T.O., the time is Wednesday, August 18th at 9pm, and TCM will be joined by good friends According to Simon (formerly Florthirteen).

Cover is a measly $5, so call your friends, sell the dog, and make a plan to be there for the send-off. And for any of you autograph hounds this will also be an excellent opportunity to get your TCM CDs signed by the original seven, for later sale on eBay. See you there!

Disclaimer: We at TCM Inc. do not actually believe that those in question are whipped. The aforemented collar tuggers are great people whom we know and respect.