New TCM Website Released! November 22, 2004

Here it is! If you're reading this then it's not really news, but TCM is really excited about this, so a blurb had to be written. This website has been in the works for over six months, during which the web developement team (um...yeah, the team) has coded, pondered, toiled, invented, barely slept, doodled, threatened to quit, and thankfully finished the pages before you.

There are lots'o new features to check out: the News section for more info - more Music for your downloading pleasure - a Press section to find out what others think of us - a Merchandise section to buy our stuff (CDs and stickers, oh my!) - and an easy way to sign up for the TCM email list. Nice!

So please, take your time, stay a while, see the sights. We hope you enjoy and are able to cure a bit of boredom from time to time.