Myspace Up And Running June 25, 2006

Sometimes it takes TCM a while to catch on to certain trends. When it comes to music, they're on the ball - but technology, not so much. They're Canadian, so they're a little slow, eh?

Have you heard of It's a site where networking is done and virtual friends are made. You may say it's all quite artificial and contrived, but it's now the gold standard for artist development in the industry. Thus, those who are not aboard are getting left behind. TCM may be slow, but they eventually get on the bandwagon (is that a pun?).

Anyways, for the past few months they've been drumming up business and gathering friends. TCM is now no long embarrassed by their poor myspace showing and are now willing to acknowledge that the site it exists.

We could use your help in building a myspace following. So if you're a member, then add us as a friend. If not, become one - TCM wants to be your friend. After all, the music business is a popularity contest. Sad, but true.