TCM Plays Halton Rocks Festival November 8, 2008

So...we have to prove from time to time that This Crooked Mile is still alive and kicking. Kicking just as hard, but maybe not as often. :)

TCM will be playing Halton Rocks next Saturday, August 14th. Taking place in sunny Milton at the Fairgrounds, we will be opening for multiple bands including Emm Gryner! For those who don't know, she played Lilith Fair, sung backup for David Bowie, and Bono's named one of her songs as one he'd wish he'd written. Nice.

We'll be taking the stage shortly after 12 noon. So for those who find it hard to make it out to a nighttime gig at a grotty pub downtown, TCM hits the 'burbs just for you. :)

Hope to see you there!